in a perfect world of yancies: a quick note

08 September 2005

a quick note

okay, I've not much time today, so only want to mention two or three quick things
1--the daily show coverage of the aftermath of that hurricane has been great, & I think it's worth while to check it out, if you haven't seen it: just click on daily show & that should take you to the 'recent video' page.

2--both my sister, Merrica, and Mimi's sister, Magen, have updated their blogs of late, so if you like people with cute babies or people who make fun of other people's food, you might look into those; also, Aaron's write-up about our friend Jesse is pretty funny . . . so, links to all those are on the right . . .

3--—speaking of links, I talked the department secretary/webmaster, Cindi to put my name & a link to my website up on the department faculty/staff page, which is kind of fun . . . to see that, click on KU Philosophy faculty/staff



  1. Thanks for mentioning the Daily Show! It's those fun little things that I tend to forget about but now that you've reminded me I'll deifinitely check out the website!


  2. Mom said you changed your comment section so non-members can't post... trying to be elitist? hehe Mom wanted me to say this for her:

    "Your KU entries are very impressive. Be sure to check out Merrica's photo gallery of her charming students--I guarantee it will brighten your day!"
    -Mom Dominick