in a perfect world of yancies: a last weekend with the dopfelganger

19 September 2005

a last weekend with the dopfelganger

well, with fall in the air & a keg of beer on the porch at Professor Marquis' place, Aaron couldn't help but spend one last weekend in Lawrence before leaving for Germany

although we took Friday night off (for which, feel free to check out Aaron's blog), we met up with all of the philosophy crew for the annual fall wine-inside-beer-and-cigarettes-outside-please-not-the-piano-meet-the-new-grad-students gathering, which kept the two of us & Aaron occupied for a surprisingly long time--until Deron & Haley demanded our loving attention . . . so we met them at the Pig

Aaron and myself outside the Pig, courtesy of Deron's phone

Deron and Aaron, this one from my phone

the one scene worth of a real camera: Dusan helping me relax a bit
(thanks to Aaron for the photo)

so, we ended the night with a 4am game of trivial pursuit at Scott's, though I'm pretty sure no one won . . .

in any case, all the best to Aaron!

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