in a perfect world of yancies: Salsa Verde & Ojos Azules

27 May 2013

Salsa Verde & Ojos Azules

Gave Franklin his first taste of chips and salsa the other day:

He actually then insisted on eating the salsa straight with a spoon! And, I mean, it was the Herdez Salsa Verde, so can you blame him?

Also enjoyed some black beans that evening. The best part of this video, though, is his new phrase, "uh oh!"—heard here after he drops a bean:

That guy...

Okay, some of this you've probably seen, but I love this series with Wendy. They were holding hands, but when we tried to recreate it, the result was this bit of hilarity:
Not Quite Holding Wendy's Hand

And I really love how stylish he looks in his new raincoat, seen here at Cal Anderson Park:
Stylin' at the Park

Seems to Like His New Raincoat

Really Brings Out His Eyes

We stopped there on our way to the Broadway Farmers Market, where we picked up what I might have to rule is the ultimate spring dinner:
Spring Dinner
Leg of lamb, asparagus, and potatoes. Franklin, I'm happy to report, ate a few bites of everything. His clear favorite, if you're curious, was the purple potatoes :)

All right, reader, hope you had a lovely long weekend. More soon!

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