in a perfect world of yancies: Can't We Just Have Weekends All Week Long?

12 May 2013

Can't We Just Have Weekends All Week Long?

Great Mothers Day card from Franklin & the crew at the ILC:
Mothers Day 2013
Bigger version with bigger text here.

Pretty awesome guy.

This weekend he seemed to enjoy his first visit to Green Lake Park, where we met up with Tyler and his parents.

Checked out some boats:
Sizing up the Boats

Boating with Franklin & Tyler

And Tyler tried his first snow cone:
Tyler's First Snow Cone!
Franklin meanwhile ate part of my hotdog, but it happened too quick for the camera :)

A little splashing in the water by the ducks, of course:
In the Water

Green Lake

Back up on the Hill, our walk home from dinner with Pete really picked up steam when Franklin realized he could be the one pushing the stroller:
"I Got This, Dad" :)

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  1. What an awesome Mothers' Day card!!!

    Love and hugs,
    Grandma Christine X :) X