in a perfect world of yancies: Only a Northern Weekend

06 May 2013

Only a Northern Weekend

Thank goodness Emily had that conference in Vancouver, BC: loved seeing Franklin's reaction to international travel, university living (we stayed on the UBC campus), and, of course, seeing the ducks at Stanley Park:
At Stanley Park

Like I said, we stayed on the amazing campus of the University of British Columbia. Seriously, it's amazing what actual funding can do for a university.

Beautiful new buildings, terrific landscaping, and even the Endowment Lands, which include, among other things, Franklin's first clothing-optional beach:
Clothing Optional
Wreck Beach
(If you're wondering, we opted for Yes on the clothing question :) )

Meanwhile, the main event was the Northwest Archivists meeting. (Full program here.) Emily presented as part of a panel titled "3-D Documents? How to Handle Artifacts in Your Archives":
Presenters of "3-D Documents? How to Handle Artifacts in Your Archives"

They even had an activity where the audience tried to do an appraisal of some sample artifacts:
Appraisal Activity During "3-D Documents? How to Handle Artifacts in Your Archives"
And who's that charming looking archivist there on the left?

But I'm pretty sure those ducks were Franklin's favorite part:
Watching the Ducks

Which got him nice and tired for a peaceful crossing back into the US:
Peaceful Crossing Back into the US
Speaking of, reader, I need to sit back and relax a little myself. Until next time!


  1. You are so lucky to have Franklin, and he is so lucky to have you!!!

    Hugs all around,
    Grandma Christine

  2. Those pictures are great! That first one is so cute! So did you end up getting a passport for Franklin? Does it now have a cute little maple leaf stamp?

  3. Actually, we ran out of time & just used his birth certificate. And for some reason no one got a stamp--in fact, Emily got a little steamed that this is her second trip to Canada on this passport & its pages are still blank. Hopefully the customs folks in Tanzania can fix that soon :)