in a perfect world of yancies: One More Week of Spring (Quarter)

05 June 2013

One More Week of Spring (Quarter)

Walking with Franklin
Pretty fun to have such an energetic and charming young man to walk around with lately.

And thanks to Pete and Emily for these great pictures from our walk at the Washington Park Arboretum:

I don't know about you, but I think Franklin just might like that new hiking carrier!

In other news, I'm getting excited for my summer class with the students from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. (But I'd better write that syllabus soon!) They even invited me to watch them in a dance class last week:
So beautiful! Might just need to go and see their current show later this week!

Finally, Franklin's really been into putting on this KU hat lately:
Loves His Hat
Starting to grow out of it already. But don't worry—a new one is already in the mail! :)

And why are my posts getting sparse? End of the quarter! Woo! In fact, I have so many papers to grade that I had to ask Emily to help with Franklin today. Fortunately, that meant my lunch break became a quick picnic in the park:
Picnic Lunch!
Best lunch ever!

All right, reader. Onward to finals week!

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  1. I hereby nominate Franklin as official Ambassador of Smiles!

    Love, Grandma Christine X :) X