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24 May 2013

Matters of Taste

I have to say, that West Coast Plato Workshop really hit the spot. Restful, restorative, challenging, and fascinating. Wish I could do that in the middle of every term of teaching!
Stanford Portico
(Yes, even though it meant coming home to over 200 items in need of grading...)

And the folks at Stanford played no small part in making it such a success. Well done all!

Also enjoyed that my hotel was, by sheer coincidence, north of campus, so I walked through this handsome entrance each day:

All of it was made extra fun when Geoff came up from Oakland for dinner after the Workshop was over.
Yancy & Geoff
Hopefully next time won't be quite so many years!

If I have one regret about the trip, it's that I didn't notice Coupa Café sooner. I'd never heard of a marrón before, but apparently it's like a latte but much stronger and, perhaps as a direct result, much better :)

Also loved the breakfast arepa:
Breakfast Arepa

Later this week, once I was finally home with Franklin, I had the pleasure of learning that he's a huge fan of the pastries at Than Brothers:
Than Bros Creampuffs 2
Thanks to Pete for the great photos!

Than Bros Creampuffs  2

Finally, many of you have probably already seen the awesome video Emily took while I was in California, but I think it's worth at least one more look:

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  1. You are so blessed! Am I am so happy for you!

    Love, Grandma Christine