in a perfect world of yancies: Tulips, Poppies, and Other Buds

16 April 2013

Tulips, Poppies, and Other Buds

Franklin and I had a blast picking up these tulips for Emily at Flowers on 15th the other day:
Tulips for Mom
And we found out that even though the shop is tiny, there's a piano... and Franklin is welcome to play it whenever he wants :)

And on Sunday Emily and I had some fun on the town while Franklin hung out with Wendy (thanks again!).
I'd definitely recommend From Up On Poppy Hill:

I'd also recommend this New York Times interview with the director, who talks about some of the ways in which they made things look so amazing; or as they say, "shimmering and bustling with life." The slideshow is super cool too.

Be warned, though: if you see the movie, which is set in the early 60's, you may be unable to avoid getting this awesome song in your head:

Thankfully it's so good, since I've been humming it for three days now...

Back at home, as Franklin is fast on the path to discovering the joys of his dad's favorite condiment:

Sriracha Triptych
Next time maybe we'll go ahead & help him open the cap ;)

And on Monday Franklin and I tested the theory that you can't read to a baby too much, as we read through one Seattle Times article together and ten different board books.

In any case, one theory did get confirmed: the kid can rock the togs:
Buttoned Down!


  1. I can't believe how much Franklin has grown--and his developing personality really shines through in these photos!!!

    Love, Gma. C.

  2. Did someone do a revival of this song recently, or do I just remember it from the 60s? It sounds so familiar; and I agree with you that the melody is very catchy--just what I needed to cheer me up on this grey, rainy morning!

    Love, Gma. C

    1. We had the same question when we got home. Interesting Wikipedia entry: apparently it's the only Japanese song that's ever been #1 in the US.

      But as far as I can tell it's the original that sounded familiar to me... Either way, great song!