in a perfect world of yancies: Much Ado About Story Time

11 April 2013

Much Ado About Story Time

Although he was a little tentative about all the excitement, and although he mostly watched the hokey-pokey rather than shaking anything all about, Franklin and I had a nice time at our first visit to Toddle Story Time at the Seattle Public Library's Central Library yesterday:
Story Time
Can't wait for next week!

And hey, no harm in reading about how great it can be to talk and read out loud to babies, right? (Thanks again for the pointer on that, Magen!)

Meanwhile, few things sound better out loud than Shakespeare, so when we heard that the SIFF Opening Night Gala will feature a new movie version of Much Ado About Nothing, Emily and I started thinking Date Night...

And when we saw that it was directed by Joss Whedon and stars, among others, Nathan Fillion, who helped make one of our favorite TV shows... and that they'd both be there for the party? Well, we really had no choice :)

Anyway, that isn't until mid-May... In the meantime, I think we'd better get to work on the chicken that's in our fridge:

Cheers, reader. Happy Friday!


  1. What a fascinating article from Magen!

    Love, Gma. C.

  2. That was exactly the word I used when I first read it! :)