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28 April 2013

Little Man, Big Culture

Franklin got a taste of Japanese culture this week:
Franklin Tries on a Kimono
I wish I had video footage of the women's reaction when we asked if they had a kimono Franklin could try on...

On Friday, Franklin had some fun at Octo Sushi:
Lunch at Octo Sushi
Mostly ate the salmon teriyaki, but he was a good sport.

Lunch at Octo Sushi
Thanks to Pete for the photos!

And he loved Emily's miso soup:
Someone Likes Miso Soup!

It's not really related to Japan, but Franklin also had fun showing Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rhonda around the Chihuly glass museum:
Chihuly Blankets

Walking at the Glass Museum

Chihuly Photo

But the high point of Saturday must have been the Japanese cultural festival. Awesome Taiko drummers, interesting exhibits, and, of course, the chance to model that kimono:
Franklin Tries on a Kimono

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