in a perfect world of yancies: A Few Pointers

04 April 2013

A Few Pointers

So, first of all, it may be time we stop investing in "baby proofing" and start thinking about college funds:

I mean, seriously. What did that take, like fifteen seconds?

We did have some fun on Wednesday's dad & Franklin day, including a walk through Volunteer Park, complete with time spent pointing out koi in the ponds:
Spotting Koi
He was even pointing out fish I hadn't spotted. Damn impressive stuff. Not sure how I can really keep up with this... Speaking of, I'd better go. Cheers!


  1. Not to plug IKEA (sorry) but the outlet protectors they sell at the big blue and yellow box need a key (included in the package) to remove from the outlets.

  2. I can just hear (Great)Grandma Edith's words echoing: "What a smart cookie!" Sounds like the tradition continues... Love, Gma. C. X :) X

  3. Well, even if it's a little predictable, Adam, I do appreciate the info—we didn't know IKEA sold those, and obviously we need to consider other options. Thanks!

  4. You should totally send this video to the manufacturer....

  5. Ha! Yeah, you're probably right, Bria!