in a perfect world of yancies: Our Young Master at Work

03 April 2013

Our Young Master at Work

I love that Franklin gets to express his artistic side so often at daycare.
Painting at Daycare 2
And I love that I don't have to clean up afterward! ;)

My favorite part about this series, though, is definitely the kids lined up watching/waiting for their turn:
Painting at Daycare

Last weekend Franklin also enjoyed his first visit to the Seattle Aquarium. He was in too much of a hurry to see many fish, or pose for many photos:
Too Fast for the Octopus
But he seemed to enjoy crawling and practicing his walking with Tyler and his parents.

Whale Riders

Crazy to see how much he's grown! I mean, just compare this recent lunch with Pete photo to some of the earlier ones:
Lunch at Healeo

In fact, as you probably heard, although he still fits in the carrier, on our recent hike to Rattlesnake Ledge he made it clear that he wanted to do some hiking himself. I really can't get enough of that video, so I'm going to go ahead & post it again here:

All right, reader. Hope April's treating you well so far!


  1. So does your little artist get to take his masterpieces home after they have been displayed at day care? I can see it now: a home gallery... Love, Gma. C. X :) X

  2. So far we have one at home, and they've got a few hanging up at daycare. Good incentive for me to go visit him there sometime soon :)

  3. the little easel is sooo cute! almost as cute as Franklin, but not quite

  4. He's got a good setup going there, that's for sure!