in a perfect world of yancies: Road Trip Stage Two: WY, SD, IA, NE

08 August 2012

Road Trip Stage Two: WY, SD, IA, NE

Badlands Camping
You know what? Driving across the country with Franklin and his mom is, well, awesome.

Here's how the second big stage looks on the map:
Stage Two

And here's how the little guy looks in the car:
Driving with Lion
Thanks for that lion, Gina!

Perhaps the most exciting bit so far was the night we spent camping in the Badlands.
BEWARE: Rattlesnakes!
Didn't see any snakes, but we did enjoy some great views.

Badlands Window

Fun shadow photo Emily took of the three of us:
Badlands Shadows

As promised, we saw some amazing stars. And planets. And amazing.

And then the dawn came all rosy-fingered at like 5am... At least it looked pretty good.

But what better company for a sunny morning in a tent?
Family in Tent

Also had so much fun in Omaha with Mike Battershell and his family that we almost forgot to take any pictures. Fortunately, Emily got this great shot of Franklin hanging out with Sammy and his mom Alicia:
Franklin and Sammy
And if you're looking for even more photos, there is, of course, a set on Flickr.

All right reader, we have some fun to have in Illinois. And we will see you in Indiana!


  1. Some fantastic photos...looks like your trip is turning out just great!

  2. Love the "shadow" and "sunny morning" photos!!! Love, Gma C.

  3. Thanks!
    By the way, Mom, I know you're not on Facebook, but I just chose those two photos as my "cover" and "profile" pics, so... good call! :)