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04 August 2012

Road Trip Stage One: WA, ID, MT

We set out Wednesday on our way to Indiana (and back!) for Emily's family reunion (on the Campbell side). Lots of drivivng, but great company.
First Rest Stop
On a clear day you can see Rainier from central Washington. Now we know! Franklin was a great sport as we set out east.

Emily got this great photo as we started out:
Starting Road Trip... Now!
Starting Road Trip... Now!

Covered over 500 miles and 11 hours getting from Seattle to Bigfork on our first day:
Stage One

Including a stop in Spokane to say Hi to some of Emily's coworkers at Sacred Heart. Franklin enjoyed seeing Pam again:
Pam and Franklin

And he was happy to hang out with family:
With Dad and Grandpa Ray at the Swan River
Grandpa Ray on the Swan River above Bigfork.

Gma Rhonda, Franklin, and Gpa Ray at the Mountain Lake Lodge
Gma Rhonda, Franklin, and Gpa Ray at the Mountain Lake Lodge.

And some old familiar sights, like McDonald Pass:
McDonald Pass
Great spot for a diaper change: who knew? :)

And Franklin met some family for the first time:
Aunt Marisa
His aunt Marisa in Helena.

With his cousin Eponine
And in Butte, his cousin Eponine.

Nice family photo with Gina and Eponine:
Yancy, Gina, Franklin, and Eponine

So far so fun. And I promise I'll get some photos of Emily for the next post :)

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  1. What a cute little trooper! Trouper, too, for that matter! Love, Gma C.