in a perfect world of yancies: Road Trip Stage Three: IA, IL, IN

14 August 2012

Road Trip Stage Three: IA, IL, IN

Saying Goodbye to Gma C
The fun continued as we approached our easternmost point. Great visit (a little busy, but great nonetheless) with Grandma Christine in Illinois.

Speaking of state names, here's a look at our route:
Stage Three

Smiling with Gma
Had fun indoors, and outdoors.

At a pleasantly rainy Moraine Hills State Park:
Moraine Hills State Park
Little touch of home :)

Also enjoyed a couple of nice visits with Franklin's great aunt Dorothy:
Visiting Great Aunt Dorothy

Then we were off south to Indiana. Of course, we had to swing through Franklin, IN. Missed the welcome sign, but this is a pretty good alternate:
Franklin Skate Club

Almost as soon as we arrived at Brown County State Park for the Campbell family reunion, Braxton began his weekend full of hugs for Franklin:
Braxton Really Likes Franklin

Great to see other cousins (and second cousins, and third cousins!) too.
Matthew, Amelia, Franklin, and Braxton.

Evan and Franklin might be too close in age to have much to say to each other for now, but at least they can exchange book recommendations :)
Magen and Evan Making Van Gogh's Bed

And Shelley was nice enough to drive down to Nashville, IN to hang out for a couple of hours.
Emily, Shelley, Emmitt, Oscar, and Isaac
Emily, Shelley, Emmitt, Oscar, and Isaac.

After all the excitement, we were grateful to have the chance to relax a bit at Nana and Papa's place:
Napping on a Walk with Gpa Hughes

Fun with Nana

Family on the Porch

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  1. We should appoint Franklin an official goodwill ambassador-at-large!