in a perfect world of yancies: Cute Guys and Dark Skies

08 July 2012

Cute Guys and Dark Skies

Not really sure that the little guy is teething, but he sure likes his new toy:
Teething Toy
Cute wooden lasso made by Maple Landmark.

Although it hasn't always been easy, we've been getting a little better with naps and bedtimes, which recently gave Emily and I a chance to contemplate some of what we give up living in a wonderful city like Seattle. Warning: some of this show is a downer. Worth it, though, on the whole.

And we're hoping that our upcoming road trip will give us a chance to introduce the little guy to some perspective on just how little he really is...

I'm especially excited about the Night Sky Program at Badlands National Park, where we plan to camp for a night.

I mean, look at that sky: Can't wait!

Wondering how the plans are shaping up? Us too! But we have a rough route mapped out: View Larger Map
If you're curious, Google says that's about 5,162 miles. Glad I'll have such great company!

Speaking of, in our weekly roundup of what wound up on Facebook, here's Franklin keeping me company while I did a little research on Plato and akrasia (remember that? I can't seem to resist the temptation to revisit the topic...): Researching Plato with my Best Bud

And look what a gracious host he was last week when we had some company over:


  1. Night skies in South Dakota, and Montana are very nice.

  2. Totally!
    Been too long since I've seen them, that's for sure!