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21 August 2012

Road Trip Stage Four: MO, KS

Back home now enjoying the temperate climate of Seattle! I've got a paper due (doesn't that sound weird? oh well...) on Friday, but I'll try to post a few more photos from the trip in between paragraphs.

Once we left Indiana, we started making our way back west. Larry and Deb, Emily's aunt & uncle, were terrific hosts.
Debbie, Larry, and Franklin
Great with the baby, and full of trivia on Emily's dad's family :)

They're outside of St. Louis, by the way. Route map of this stretch:
Stage Four

Also saw their son Todd and his kids (their mom was sick, unfortunately, but last we heard she's feeling better):
Todd, Caiden, and Blaike
Caiden and Blaike, beautiful girls.

Todd's sister Angie and her husband Rob came by to make delicious sandwiches:
Rob, Angie, Todd, Franklin, Emily
Thanks again!

And then it was on to the great state of Kansas. Haley and Franklin really hit it off:
Haley and Franklin
I haven't gotten through all of our photos yet, but we may have failed to capture Lonnie and Barbara Lee on film. We won't need any help remembering their wonderful hospitality, however. Thanks, and congrats on the beautiful new house!

Also drove in to Lawrence, which of course meant lunch at Zen Zero:
Zen Zero!
Can't wait until Franklin can try their curry!

Note, he did _try_ to try it the other day... hope that stain comes out of my shirt! :)

Franklin enjoyed meeting Tom:
Tom and Franklin

And seeing the beautiful KU campus:
KU Campanile


I also tried to explain to him just why I love La Prima Tazza's espresso so much:
At La Prima Tazza
Probably have to return when he's old enough to sample it... Likewise the growler of Free State beer we picked up for the road :)

Wonderful to see the town, and especially nice to hang out with Deron and Haley!
Deron, Haley, Franklin

And as you probably know, Franklin cut a dashing figure in his new KU onesie as we approached the Colorado border:
One Last Kansas Sunset
More from our trip back west coming soon!


  1. I hope we instilled some solid Midwestern values in the boy...

  2. He already seems more polite :)

    Great to see you all!