in a perfect world of yancies: A Stroll Through Our Week

29 July 2012

A Stroll Through Our Week

Middle Falls of the Wallace River
Franklin seemed to enjoy the trip up to Wallace Falls. As Emily put it, he didn't really notice the falls themselves, but the other hikers were fun to see!

Four miles in two hours—not a bad pace, considering our handsome load:
Lower Falls, Wallace River
(More stats and details here.)

Middle Falls, Wallace River

Part of the thinking lately has been to live it up around town, seeing the sights and some friends before we head out on the three-week (!!) road trip.

Had dinner with Laura:
Dinner with Laura

First he was just flirting, but then he crossed the line:
Getting Fresh
Rascal ;)

And he wished Jamie a Happy birthday:
Happy Birthday Jamie

We added to our My Lunch(es) with Peter series:
Practicing for Pho at Bamboo

Practicing for Pho at Bamboo 2

We met up with Bria for Ethiopian... and Franklin had his first ride in his stroller!
First Stroller Ride!
I think he likes it!

Finally, I know kids aren't supposed to watch TV until they're two, but who's going to tell this guy he can't watch the Olympics? :)
Let's Watch Some Olympics!


  1. This is too much to take in in one viewing. Where do I even begin with my comments?!
    Love, Grandma Christine X :) X

  2. I just want to reach out and pinch those chubby cheeks and give Franklin a huge bear hug! Gma. C. X :) X