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18 July 2012

Down East Madison

Busy—and fun—week for young Franklin! New toy:
New Toy: Yum!

We also spent a fair amount of Tuesday down the hill to the east on E Madison St.

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We've been trying to make a habit out of the Next Months class at Birth and Beyond. It's been really nice to get some expert advice, and great to meet and trade stories with other parents (but why are they all moms? no offense, but what year is it? Anyway...). And of course Franklin has enjoyed meeting and seeing the other babies.

He also had the chance to hang out with some slightly older kids: the Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA has a Kids Corner where Franklin spent an hour while his mom and I did some yoga. On the one hand, it was perhaps the least relaxing yoga ever, since we both kept wondering when someone would send for us to come get an upset Franklin (answer: never—nice job, bud!). On the other hand, it was a good start, and it was great to hear how all the other kids loved Franklin :)

His mom even made sure he came prepared:
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Well, that's about it for now. Onward toward the weekend!

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