in a perfect world of yancies: Franklin Beasts It!

25 July 2012

Franklin Beasts It!

Another fun week in the wild with my friend Franklin.

He seems to like the print his Grandma Rhonda and Grandpa Ray sent:
Nice and Colorful

And he had another nice lunch outing with Peter:
Patio Thai Pete 3
To keep track, I've started a set on Flickr.

And he was a great sport when his mom and I went out to see another movie. This time Beasts of the Southern Wild:

Not quite sure I would use words like "joy" or "joyous" as in the New York Times and the New Yorker write-ups, but it was certainly full of life. And unlike any other movie I'd seen in some time. Memorable and compelling, if not always exactly fun...

And as you may have heard, he was happy meeting some babies at the drop-in class (16 babies with parents; still just one dad), and luckily they were happy to share their toys:
Meeting babies... and their toys!

And of course he enjoyed brunch with Wendy last weekend:
Brunch with Wendy

Okay, reader. Better go. Lots to read, write, and get ready before the road trip begins next week!

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