in a perfect world of yancies: Thanks for Last Week--with Photos!

01 December 2010

Thanks for Last Week--with Photos!

So our friends Nick and Ben live just down the street, and they had us over for Thanksgiving at their lovely home.

(And thank goodness they live so close, with all of that SNOMG business!)

Jon, Emily, myself, and Ben, enjoying pre-dinner snacks (yes, snacks on Thanksgiving: I laugh in the face of danger!)

Nick and Sara took most of the photos, but here's Nick, carving the (delicious!) turkey:

After dinner board games:

And of course pie!

Everyone agreed it was best to just have both...

Among so many other things, I'm grateful for our wonderful friends.

Meanwhile, they get serious snow in Montana:

Good thing King County doesn't have any buses there!

(Thanks to my dad for the photographic reminder of what November looks like in the mountains!)

Okay reader, our quarter's ending in a flurry of excitement, so, for now, cheers!

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  1. So glad you were able to spend Thanksgiving with friends!

    Mom D.