in a perfect world of yancies: Birds, Frogs, and Kids

09 December 2010

Birds, Frogs, and Kids

Thanks to Magen for sending more cute photos!

As she reminded us in an email, Evan's outfit was once Braxton's... here's a blurry old cell phone photo:

Now for a few more kids, courtesy of one Luke Tillo (and Facebook):

Finally, I think I may have posted this song in past Decembers, but it's worth another listen, especially with the recent sad anniversary:


  1. Magen's kids are cuter than cute!

    Hmm...that Bluebird on the bottom right sure looks familiar...

  2. WOW! I recognize some faces in that old, luke, brandon, heidi...crazy!!!


  3. I think you two might recognize more people in that photo than I do... ;)

    But I agree, Marisa--totally crazy!

  4. I know I'm biased but you sure were a cute kid! Almost as cute as Magen's kids (^_^)

    and really, can you ever post War Is Over too many times?