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04 December 2010

Suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

Maybe you heard that we were at the Center House Theatre.

We were there to see Hamlet, which continues to amaze me. This production got some raves, so we checked it out. A few interesting moves, but on the whole a pretty straight and very good version of what is by far the greatest work of literature I've ever spent time with.

Last shows are this weekend, so you'd better get moving if you want to see it! ;)

In other Shakespeare news, did you hear about Patrick Stewart doing Macbeth a couple of years ago? The review in the Times was so positive we were checking airfare to New York at the time.

Alas, we didn't make it, but don't worry: PBS has put a recording up online! Haven't had a chance to watch yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Can't wait any longer? Here's the opening scene:

Watch the full episode. See more Great Performances.

Play on!


  1. Hamlet, the character, drives me straight up the wall. But I'm intrigued by the thought of seeing ol' Pat Stewart in the role.

    Did you ever watch Kenneth Branaugh's complete version of Hamlet? It's looooong, can't say I'd recommend sitting through the entire thing.

  2. Yeah, I guess I see him as the quintessential college sophomore, confident about nothing except his own profundity.
    Even the title of this post--sounds reasonable, but it's from his annoying advice to the professional actors, as though they needed him to explain their craft.

    But I do so love the play as a whole. I've really seen nothing like it.

    I saw the Branaugh film, though it's been a few years now. I like that they did it all, but Branaugh's not very funny, and I really think Hamlet has got to be funny. For at least that side of the character, I'd recommend, ahem, the Mel Gibson version.