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24 November 2010

Plus: Old Books and New Babies!

You probably saw this on Twitter already, but I like the way things look in the snow:
Cal Anderson snow
For more (so much more!) coverage of our #snomg experiences here in Capitol Hill, see (of course) the Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

There's a must-see video in the Tuesday update post. And don't worry--we're fine! A little cold, but just fine.

Snowy morning

This was taken at 2:50pm on Monday:
Seattle U Quad, 14:51
This was 30 minutes later:
Seattle U Quad, 15:20
By this time, campus was officially closed.

Meanwhile, Emily was waiting for a bus in West Seattle:
West Seattle Bus Stop
Turned out that catching the bus was the easy part, as you may have heard.

Upside, of course, was that we got to enjoy a nice snow day together--a snowy walk, then some basketball on TV. Not bad for a Tuesday!

In other news, look at what the Bibliothèque nationale de France just put online:

That's a tenth-century, handwritten manuscript of Aristotle (takes a few page turns to get to the text). One of the best and oldest in existence. Amazing!

I know this sounds cheesy, but we really live in a magical time.

Speaking of magic, look at these smiles:

And notice the handsome booties Evan has on--from Bootyland, "Seattle's resource for eco-conscious clothing and supplies for women, men, kids, toddlers, and babies."

Thanks for the photos, Magen!

And thanks for reading, reader!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Beautiful children, beautiful snowfall, and a priceless manuscript—what more could you ask?