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28 December 2010

Hey, Want to See Some Vacation Photos?

I suppose it's a bit of a cliché, but we had a great time in Hawaii. I just wish you could've all been there with us, readers!

Anyway, maybe you already saw the set on Flickr, but some of these turned out great, so I'm re-sharing.
Iao Valley
Iao Valley, which is both pretty and has a nice and bloody backstory.

We also had the chance to drive the road to Hana, a narrow winding highway that takes you through rainforest, towering stands of bamboo, and some amazing views of the ocean.

It also goes by the Keʻanae Arboretum, and luckily Emily had just installed the Hipstamatic app on our phones, so we were ready.

Flower Hopper


Love these Painted Eucalyptus trees:
Painted Eucalyptus

Painted Eucalyptus

Black sand beach:
Black Sand Beach
Pretty cool, but I decided not to swim...

Once we go to Hana, we kept going, and experienced some of the charm and excitement of the Piilani Highway.
Piilani Highway

At least that highway has those chains on the rocks. A few days later we tried to drive around the north side of the island, but turned back once we saw what the rain had done to driving conditions:
Watch for Rock 2

Y & E & Ocean

Here's a map, in case this is getting confusing (or is it just me?):

View Maui in a larger map

We also booked a trip to Molokini, a volcanic crater in the ocean with great snorkeling. Also great: Maui Dive Shop--if you're in the market for a snorkeling trip, or gear rental, I'd definitely recommend them.

Should've gotten an underwater camera, but here's a boat photo:

Lots of fun. And Kihei, where we stayed, has lots of nice beaches, so I could enjoy the water and work on avoiding the sun:

Good sunsets in Kihei too!
Sunset from the Lanai

Okay, back to work.

But don't worry: we have at least one small reminder that we brought home with us.
See it? How about a close-up?
Xmas Pineapple

As I said, there are more photos in the set on Flickr. In the meantime, here's a thanks to you for reading, courtesy of Emily's camera and the waste bins at the delicious Maui Tacos:
Maui Tacos Waste Bins

Kamaole III, Sunset, 17 Dec 2010


  1. Great photos!

    Two questions: what type of insect is that?; how do the trees get "painted"?

  2. Thanks!

    Looks like a grasshopper to me, but I'm no entomologist. Anyone else know much about bugs?

    I'm also no arborist, and I don't know if this website I found can be trusted, but it says that the bark is shed at various times, and then the underlying patches change color over time. Sounds reasonable enough, no?