in a perfect world of yancies: Good Times at Home

29 August 2010

Good Times at Home

We had a wonderful night with some great friends on Friday. First attempt at hosting a party since we've been here, and from our point of view it was a smashing success.

We were even given some lovely flowers, some of which (from Justin and Kristin of CHS) are pictured above.

Sadly, between the fun and the duties of hosting (definitely in that order!), that's the closest I've got to a shot of our guests... but suffice it to say that we managed to gather 15 people in our apartment, and we loved every minute of it.

But why now? Well, for one thing, we finally know 15 people in Seattle. Also, we added this handsome utensil bar to our kitchen, and it made us feel like sharing the newly improved place:

We also shared Champagne Cocktails, which Emily did a great job of fixing for everyone. Her work station:
Well, what else can I say?


  1. I wish every party I attended had such enlightened and charming guests. I'll try to get my act together and host something similar soon!

  2. Thanks again for coming!

    And, Yes please!

  3. Looks great and looks like you have definitely been enjoying the outdoors!

  4. Thanks dad!
    It's definitely been a fun summer, though we had hoped to do find time for camping before fall rolls in...

    Hope your California trip is fun!