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17 August 2010

Next Time I'll Do My Little Turn

Had a nice long hike along a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail near Snoqualmie Pass on Sunday.

Beautiful up there.

Can't quite read it, but I really liked the PCT logo blaze:
PCT Blaze
(It's the same logo that they have on their web site.)

Emily on the PCT

We were trying to make it to the Kendall Katwalk, a bit of trail carved into a granite cliff/mountain side that's supposedly at a 75-degree slope.
Near Kendall Katwalk
I say "supposedly" since we didn't quite make it. Walked around 5 miles and gained around 2500 feet, but then we turned back--we were close to the Katwalk, but we had errands in town, plus 10-miles seemed like enough hiking for one day!

What else? Well, Saturday we saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

I think A. O. Scott put it pretty well:
"At the end, the movie comes home to the well-known territory of the coming-of-age story, with an account of lessons learned and conflicts resolved. But you’ll swear you’ve never seen anything like it before."

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