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02 August 2010


Spent a nice afternoon at the Seattle Center on Saturday. Apparently the area around the theaters has been newly redesigned and reopened as the charming Theater Commons.

Also includes some compelling outdoor art:

From the Seattle Center website:
A sound installation with visual components by artists Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo, funded by the City's 1% for Art program, covers the entire main walkway of the Theater Commons - and will remain up through the summer.
The project, entitled
Windfall, places a thousand small chimes in the street trees along the main pedestrian corridor, enclosing it in sounds and significantly altering the experience of walking through the long passage way. The fluttering lightweight chimes, also known as Furin, add a sea of color to the green landscape, mimicking a large flock of small birds weaving through the tree canopy.

We were there to see Ruined, an excellent play with an excellent cast.

Seattle Times liked it, as did the New York Times when it played in New York with most of this cast.

If you're around Seattle, you should probably go see it.

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  1. You really do live in a cool city!

    Mom D.