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12 August 2010

Arts in Parks

Emily on Slant
Been out enjoying some of the summer fun around here, including this piece from the MadArt exhibit in Cal Anderson Park.

Also went to the Central District to see a live production of a Star Trek episode.
Outdoor Trek
A group called Hello Earth Productions did an amazing job--they even had a band to perform the theme song and play sound cues. So cool. Interesting casting choices too, as you'll see if you click over to their website.

They performed The Naked Time (Spock cries! Sulu fences!), which is available to watch online for free at It is also available for purchase on iTunes. In fact, you can buy all of season one for only $13! Done!

A bit from MadArt:
E with MadArt

Here's one I tweeted the other day:

Pieces are supposed to be completed tonight, so maybe more pictures to come?

Meanwhile, just down the street a mural's gone up on the wall around the light rail construction site:

Yeah, we're pretty happy living here.

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  1. Some of those performers look pretty young. Good for them!

    Love the mural and the philosophy behind it!

    Mom D.