in a perfect world of yancies: I Have a Meeting to Get To

13 September 2010

I Have a Meeting to Get To

But here are some things I meant to post:

Magen, Emily, Braxton, and Amelia working on a lemon icebox pie:
Lemon Cake!

And Emily, enjoying life in late summer, when the Dahlias bloom:
Dahlia Garden

Anyway, I have to run—there's a beginning of the school-year convocation starting soon... at least it's in the Century Ballroom, and they're serving breakfast.

Sorry I've been away for so long, reader. Since we've been back from our great trip to Chicago I've been madly trying to prepare for school, along with this thing coming up in Portland:

And then of course this other thing in New York...

Okay, so, I should go. More soon, I hope!

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  1. Very impressive all the way around!

    Mom D.