in a perfect world of yancies: A Book Review, A Website, and a Bridge

05 August 2007

A Book Review, A Website, and a Bridge

Hooray for me, reader. (Not Emily? I know! Shocking!)
A book review I wrote recently for Bryn Mawr Classical Review was just published. Read at your leisure (or not; whatever).

And speaking of links, I now have a page on the Seattle U server, so that's nice. That neat design? That's thanks to googlepages. Getting scary how much I rely on them (they own blogger, you know), but so far they appear to be a benevolent force, right?

What else? Well, I took some cell-phone footage of the Arsenal Bridge closing after a barge went through recently.

Blurry, isn't it? But majestic in its own way?

A bonus: my favorite Sportscenter ad:

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  1. Congratulations on the stellar book review!

    And your web page is lookin' good ...