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31 July 2007

Bix and such

So the other day Emily ran in the annual Bix 7 road race in Davenport. (Is this my blog or Emily's, you ask; well, I watched her run--how about that?)

Mimi after the race. Looks pretty good after running seven miles, no?

It's a big race (15,002 runners this year), and there were lots of elite runners, at least one Olympic gold-medalist, and lots and lots of people. So anyway, Emily didn't win it; she did come within three minutes of her 1997 time, though, so that's pretty cool (especially considering that she only trained this year for about 5 weeks, and she had to train with me . . .). Feel free to view results: Emily's 1997 results; her 2007 results.

(Note: the "chip time" in the second is Mimi's own time, according to the computer chip on her shoe; the other time is from the gun, but she didn't actually cross the starting line for like 6 minutes, so the chip time is what counts.)

A short video I took at the start, which gives some idea of the size of this race (if you watch the clip about 25 times, that would probably approximate the experience of watching the start):

Mimi at the finish line

The Quad-City Times has a ton of coverage of the race, including videos, photos, stories about the various participants, and even a very cool interactive course map, with little video clips about different parts of the course.

We also had the pleasure of seeing Eric, who drove up last week and joined us (okay, fine, he bought the tickets) at a Swing game. Good stuff. Beautiful ballpark.

Eric on a serious tractor; most impressive, though, was the child seat, which Dr Berg is pointing out for you, gentle reader. Good kid, that Dr Berg.

One other (sort of silly, perhaps) thing: I just got my Seattle U email address; so if you felt like writing, feel free to try

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  1. Very impressive, Emily. And I love those pink shorts!