in a perfect world of yancies: Sites of Interest

20 August 2007

Sites of Interest

Reader, please enjoy these websites, which I highly recommend.

First, there's Need I say more?
Now, the site, as you'll see from the home page, is still under construction, but it promises some real excitement in the future.

Oh, and are you interested in trying out another email address?
If so, feel free to write to me at

Another site you may find enjoyable is Crafty Synergy, where our good friend Pravina Studio (as in the place I found that bag for Emily; or, as in Diana) was recently interviewed.


  1. Impressive resume!

    Tried to e-mail you at link provided, but message did not transmit ...


  2. It is an impressive resume.

    If the email link did not work, the problem is with how your computer sends email, not with my link. So there.