in a perfect world of yancies: 10th Avenue East!

15 August 2007

10th Avenue East!

Well, it looks like we've got the place! Nice work everyone.

These photos aren't much (taken from the craigslist ad), but I hope you enjoy this peek into what will soon be our new place.

Extra bedroom, you ask? Well, reader, I promise that if you visit we'll find space in the living room for an air mattress: how's that sound?

I know what you're thinking, but 700 square feet isn't bad; besides, Emily and I are small, right?


  1. Looks good to me! (So what's your new address?)


  2. I'm so naive—I just realized an address is not something you post on a blog! Guess I'll wait to hear from you in person ...


  3. Yeah, I thought about giving the address, or a satellite picture of the place from googlemaps, but in the end I thought that might be a bit too much . . .

    Will send an email soon with the new address.

  4. What a relief it must be to know you will have a place to sleep in sleepless Seattle. Good Work!