in a perfect world of yancies: that's some wind; that's some win

13 March 2006

that's some wind; that's some win

Here's the view out our bedroom window; yeah, that trunk on the left used to stand a little straighter . . .

the storm was pretty serious, but we're fine, and Lawrence made it through much better than places in MO and IL . . .

some trees, however, didn't make it

and a brick wall was blown right onto this car

the Replay just doesn't look the same without windows; here's hoping they're on their feet again soon

these last 4 pictures are courtesy of the Lawrence Journal-World; for a full gallery of storm pictures, click here

also, I just love the play of Julian Wright; so please enjoy this video of him helping KU win the Big 12 tournament championship; you might also notice a crawl along the bottom of the screen, indicating that the storm damage was so serious on campus that they actually cancelled today's classes.


  1. hey, you even made it onto cnnj! i can't believe how bad KU got hit... they had a ton of footage and some interviews, it looked dreadful! i'm so glad i talked to you before watching the news!

  2. Yikes -- I'm glad no one was hurt!
    (At least, there didn't seem to be any serious injuries reported in Lawrence; I hope this is true.)
    Our newspaper said 60% of the buildings on the KU campus were damaged.