in a perfect world of yancies: Feathers, Films, and Final Fours

28 March 2006

Feathers, Films, and Final Fours

I know you've all been wondering what Chris Lee and a friend of his think of the world of cinema; now you can find out, at the site Chris, I believe, writes as the foreman. Good stuff. But when will they offer their ringing endorsement of The Inside Man? We saw it over the weekend, and it was great—good bank-robbery plot; great acting, especially by Denzel; and some nice reminders that, as Manohla Dargis of the Times put it in her review, race of course matters, and this is a Spike Lee film. A-plus.

I suppose you've also been wondering about those Basehor chickens—well, Jesse's follow-up story ran in yesterday's Journal-World, with this cute headline: Law Ruffles Family's Feathers.

Finally, according to ESPN, only four people out of three million picked the Final Four correctly this year on their bracket challenge. Amusingly, one of them meant to pick George Washington instead of George Mason—read story. Although I would have liked to see KU advance, it has been a great tournament, with no 1-seeds in the Final Four, and this amazing George Mason making their run, as an 11-seed, through Michigan State, Carolina, and Connecticut. Damn.


  1. Feingold—I can't believe I forgot Feingold: Senator Russ Feingold has put forward a resolution to censure the president for his illegal wiretaps. Bravo! To sign a petition in support of the resolution, click here.

  2. And what, you may wonder, was the Basehor Sentinel's headline for Jesse's story? Hannah and Her Chickens. Zow.