in a perfect world of yancies: it matches my text color on the blog!

16 March 2006

it matches my text color on the blog!

Here's the fabulous t-shirt Magen, Dave, & Braxton sent (& no, I can't wait until the 19th to open such things; and no, I don't photograph particularly well--jealous?).

A funny article from the Peoria, IL paper has been posted to the Jayhawk Nation blog; I recommend it--though only if you promise, you KU fans, that you won't go & burn down your local Peoria embassy (Peoria, by the way, is where Bradley U, KU's first-round tournament opponent, is from).

Thanks, all.


  1. Hey, I just used that embassy line on the basketball blog.

  2. yeah, I saw that--but if you check the time-stamp, you'll see I did get there first . . .
    great minds, etc., I guess

  3. Cute shirt!

    Neither the link within your text nor the one along the right side would open the Jayhawk Nation blog. Both messages said, "You are not authorized to view this page."

  4. Yeah, blogger is working on repairing whatever is causing this problem--you can track the status here if you're interested. Hopefully it'll be back up soon. . . .

  5. A word of warning: the links to the Jayhawk Nation blog work again, but the latest entry on the blog is, understandably in my opinion, perhaps in poor taste. You've been warned.