in a perfect world of yancies: close to the ground

22 March 2006

close to the ground

Earlier today, Chris sent a link to some Andy Griffith/Don Knotts highlights from the Onion AV Club. Later—yeah, I'm on break, okay?—I found one of the clips on You Tube. If you have a few minutes, this is well worth it:


  1. I'm unable to access the clips, as you may suspect. I just wanted to say I love the new blog title, and will only ask for say, 10% of your royalties as payment.

  2. Hell, I'll give you fifty--I too love the new title, and owe you a thank you for the phrase.

    I hope, for your sake, that someday you will see the Don Knotts clip; it's quite charming.

  3. I noticed the list of rambling Andy-Barney conversations was the Onion's "Most E-mailed" item this week. You bandwagon-jumper, you.

  4. What can I say? You can't fight quality.