in a perfect world of yancies: hats off!

03 March 2006

hats off!

Well, just minutes before Magen & Braxton got in, I finished the hat. Although he's not exactly a hat guy, he seemed okay wearing it earlier today:

Braxton in his new hat


more pictures will surely follow as we end our week with Braxton, Magen, and some St Louis folk . . .

And how about this: Max Falkenstein has broadcast KU basketball and football games for 60 years now (!); he has attended and broadcast every single game ever played in Allen Fieldhouse, the basketball arena built in 1955. He's retiring this year after an incredible career. In that same Allen Fieldhouse hang the jerseys of several former KU players, from Wilt Chamberlain to Danny Manning to Nick Collison; now, there's one more up there--here's some video:

thanks, Max


  1. Braxton looks absolutely adorable! And I'm very impressed with your handiwork!

    As for Max, he's got Cal Ripken beat by decades! What a wonderful tribute.

  2. yancy did you miss SNL this Saturday?

    I wasn't very good, but there was a new digital short featuring Natalie Portman. Check it out!

    Natalie Portman:SNL

  3. that is pretty funny--especially the start: just would never have guessed what was coming . . .


  4. they moved the link. SNL is getting angry over this stuff being posted elsewhere apparently.