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29 May 2014

How the West Was Won

Franklin Smile
Well, we're all moved in here at the new place. Or at least, all of our stuff is here. Funny how just moving to a different neighborhood in the same city can feel so different!

Glad we had the chance to play and see friends before we left. I know I posted photos from that last time, now thanks to Pete there's video too!

A Farewell to Capitol Hill from Pedro V2 on Vimeo.

Meanwhile we've enjoyed our first apartment with views since we've been in Seattle:
And yes, just to be clear, West Seattle is a neighborhood in Seattle :)

Anyway, one nice bonus of the new neighborhood that I didn't know about ahead of time is the Seattle Fish Company. Perfect timing, to move here right when the famous Copper River salmon are in season!
Fresh Copper River Sockeye

Great first meal cooked in the new place!
Copper River Dinner

And by a great bit of luck, our friend Elliott (and his dad, mom, and new baby sister) are spending the summer in the neighborhood:
Franklin and Elliott

Looking forward to a super fun summer!
Smiling with Elliott

Here we go!

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