in a perfect world of yancies: Heading Home

09 May 2014

Heading Home

Well it's official and before you know it we'll have a balcony with this view, overlooking the rest of the city from our new place in West Seattle:
I hope you'll come enjoy the view, reader!

Maybe warm up by the fire next winter?

Anyway, bottom line is that we'll be renting a unit here:
Sound Crest

It's definitely going to be rough to have to leave Capitol Hill, but I do think the new neighborhood looks pretty good. And it's very encouraging to see that our new address is considered a "walker's paradise" on

My commute doesn't look too bad:

And they don't even mention that there's also a water taxi to West Seattle!

All right, so, now to actually move... Got some boxes from the movers:

And at least one of us is eager to start packing:

But in some brilliantly inconvenient planning, I'm about to fly to California for this year's West Coast Plato Workshop. One last chance to rest and relax before the big move...

See you there, reader!


  1. super exciting about the new apartment! can't wait to come visit! so where is the new place in relation to mom?

  2. Thanks!

    So Mom/Gma is pretty close to Seattle U., so my commute would be about what it'd take her. If we love it over there, we'd probably look into her moving too...

    But by car it's only like 15 minutes, which isn't much. I hope she won't mind if I post this link with door-to-door directions: