in a perfect world of yancies: Exploring with Franklin

03 June 2014

Exploring with Franklin

Emily went to Spokane last weekend for the annual Northwest Archivists Conference, so Franklin and I did our best to get into just the right amount of trouble exploring our new neighborhood.

Went down to Seacrest Park with Grandma to throw some rocks into Elliott Bay:
Throwing Rocks into the Water

Video too (with apologies for the shoddy camera work):

Followed of course by a super delicious dinner at Marination Ma Kai.

And although Franklin woke up asking for Mommy, we are fortunate to live in a time where we could at least check in on the phone and see Emily's smiling face first thing in the morning:
FaceTime Call with Mom

On Saturday we hopped onto a bus and went to check out Alki Playground (aka Whale Tail Park) with Elliott:
Pretty cool park—definitely be going back again soon!

Great opportunities to climb up:

And back down again:

Well, almost... Probably would've made it if I hadn't been standing there staring and filming :)

Nice "parallel play" with Elliott in the sandbox:
Sandbox with Elliott

With Elliott

Little map of our travels:

And with Emily back home on a beautiful, sunny Sunday, what could be better than to get some deck chairs and a new watering can and spend some time on the balcony:
Spraying the Water

I especially love the matching Franklin-sized chair:
Patio Chairs!
I hope you'll come hang out sometime soon too, reader!


  1. Thanks for including me in the waterfront outing. It was perfect: the weather, the scenery, the food, and most of all the company!
    Love, Grandma Christine