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17 May 2014

On the Move

Busy week, busy weekend, busy big kid. Not glittering prose, I guess, but that about sums it up.
Doing our best to enjoy our last few days as Capitol Hill residents. And Emily's done an amazing job getting things packed and ready to go! Thanks!

Speaking of, sorry that I missed Mother's Day (my conference was pretty fun if you're wondering, and it was great to see some old friends in the Bay Area). But I'm glad I at least saw this photo from when Franklin took his mom and my mom out for ice cream:
Mothers Day Ice Cream with Grandma

Also glad I got to witness his brief whirlwind tour of all the toys/apparatuses at Volunteer Park that he'd never really played with during the first two years of our weekly visits up there:

And done.

They're been showing our current apartment a lot lately, but it's not a bad excuse to grab a ball and run across the street to play for a few minutes. Right?

Ah, there's that smile:
Relaxing at the GHC Parl

Which catches us up to this morning's visit to Miller Park:
Hard to believe this guy still sleeps in a crib; guess it just hasn't occurred to him to try climbing out?
(Alternate title: hover much, dad?)

And one last visit to the Volunteer Park playground:
Emmett, Rose, Franklin
Emmett, Rose, Nick, and us. Thanks to everyone else for coming too—Bria, Michael, Ben, Vince, Pete, Regan, and Grandma.

All right, should probably get back to work. Before you know it our view of Capitol Hill will be replaced by this one:
New Bedroom WIndow View
Be a tough adjustment, but that peak should help...

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