in a perfect world of yancies: It Just Mattered That You Played

12 November 2013

It Just Mattered That You Played

Just a coincidence that Franklin spent an afternoon transfixed by the guitar two days before the Times ran a story on the benefits of music lessons?
Guitar Lessons
Either way, sounds good to me!

He's also been busy cleaning up at daycare. Not always clear why you'd want, for example, to sweep up rain puddles in a sandbox, but there you go:
Smiling & Sweeping
I love that his classmates paused to smile for Emily's camera while Franklin was just too busy to take a break.

Busy with the Broom

Did pause the other day to look at some recent issues of the Journal of the History of Philosophy:
Light Reading
He insisted that I look at one while he flipped through another. Cute, yes, but also helpful: he pointed me to an article on Aristotle that I think will prove quite helpful in the classroom. Not bad!

Speaking of journal articles, you know how I was working on a paper on Plato's Symposium a few years ago, and then the Classical Quarterly said they'd publish it?
Well, I'm happy to say that now it's finally out! Woo! Feel free to take a look—I'd love to know what you think!

Oh, and as I mentioned on Facebook the other day, Franklin really loves apples. Ate all of this one:
I mean all—seeds, core... eventually Emily asked where the stem was and he smiled and spit it out.

And I mean, they are delicious, especially this time of year.

Okay, speaking of this time of year, I'm still finding great shots from our walk through the Arboretum last month:
Puddles at the Arboretum
Hope you enjoy it while it lasts!

Cheers, reader.