in a perfect world of yancies: Let It Fall!

03 November 2013

Let It Fall!

A little of this and a little of that:
Walk Down Azalea Way
Love this photo Emily took! And it sure is a beautiful fall here this year! Made our rainy walk through the Arboretum last weekend especially nice.

Franklin & Dad at the Arboretum

Franklin sure likes puddles!

Looking at the Leaves

Look, Leaves and Puddles!

Trying to Pose for Mom

Mom & Franklin on the Arboretum Footbridge

He also seemed to like Halloween, though we stuck with just the indoor, daycare version over at Mt. St. Vincent and the St. Joseph Residence:
Happy Halloween Honeybee

Trick or Treat

Mom & the Honeybee

Back home, Emily and Franklin worked on some yoga poses. Here's the Three-Legged Downward Dog:
Three-Legged Downward Dogs
Emily usually goes to the Y to do yoga on Sundays, and last week while she was gone Franklin said "Mommy yoga," so it seemed like he was ready to try a few poses...

It's sunny and calm so far today, but it is fall, which means, in the words of the book that inspired the title of this post:
Chilly, windy, gusty breeze,
rake, rake, rake the blowing leaves
And also this:

Luckily no one was injured when it happened; and luckily we happened to walk by at the right time: my tweet was front page news on CHS for most of Saturday!

Also showed up in a KIRO TV photo gallery, apparently uncredited... But hey, it's TV news, what do you expect? ;)

All the wind and weather couldn't keep our young friend from having fun at the park, though. Had it all to ourselves on that blustery day:
With a Ball on a Quiet Playground

And finally, one of Franklin's current favorite words and objects: ladder!
Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder 2

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  1. All the photos are priceless, but I especially like the yoga pose!
    Love, Grandma Christine X :) X