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21 March 2011


I know it's been a while, but I've been so busy having a great week (great month? year?)... Too much for one post, perhaps, but what the hell?

First Rodrigo came to visit. So cool to catch up, see some lovely sites, and enjoy some great film and food in Capitol Hill (okay, downtown too I guess).

Then like the day after he left I heard that the Classical Quarterly accepted my essay on Plato's Symposium for publication!

I've been working on it (and talking about it) for a while, and it's a great feeling to know it'll end up in a good place.

I also celebrated a birthday, and was given the excellent gift of dance lessons at the Century Ballroom. Can't wait!

Among other good gifts was this play in yesterday's Kansas game. Beautiful:

Part of what makes the first weekend of the tournament so cool, of course, is that there are like four games at a time all day long for like four days. So much fun to be had!

Emily's facebook caption: "It is technically possible to watch every game at once but there is a problem of diminishing returns. Still pretty cool."

And me? A very cool week. Cheers, reader.


  1. Sounds great, all the way around. Congratulations on that paper!

    Mom D.

  2. Congrats on the paper !!!!

  3. Thanks Dad!

    I haven't heard when it's coming out, but I'll keep you all posted!