in a perfect world of yancies: A Post For Those Who Will Not Read It

20 November 2013

A Post For Those Who Will Not Read It

Okay, so here's a funny fact: Grandma Christine has been in Seattle for a month already! And we've seen her at least once a week—often more—since then. And yet... somehow... we're always too busy or distracted to get any photos. Next time, I promise!

Busy doing what you ask? Mostly the sort of shopping and errand-running involved in relocating to the other side of the country. Here's little map of our travels with Grandma:

She was also awesome about watching Franklin last week so I could attend the Arrupe seminar on Jesuit education. Our topic was Friedrich Spee. I would never had heard of him were it not for our book (same for the Jesuit priest leading our group).

A poet and priest active in the early 1600's, he's now most famous for writing a book cautioning against the witchcraft trials going on at the time. It's a work that sounds remarkable on a number of levels, and I haven't actually read it all, but it has what may be my favorite preface of all time:

Meanwhile in our enlightened age Franklin continues his interest in the arts:
Guitar with Dad

And is getting bigger and more self-reliant every day. No more being carried by mom in the Ergo for this young man!
Walking to School