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13 July 2013

On Island Time

Been a little while since I've posted; guess the slow and easy pace of Orcas Island has stayed with me...

Thanks to Jon, Sara, and of course Anders for a fun weekend together on the Island! (And thanks for that last photo!)

Had a relaxing stay at the Doe Bay Resort. Ran out of time to try the soaking tubs or yoga classes: I suppose we'll just have to go back soon!

Franklin's favorite part may have been the ferry ride out there:
Weekend at Doe Bay
I know that photo's a little backlit, but can you see the look on his face?

And by the way, if you want more photos, there's a set on Flickr.

Sara and Anders taking in the view from the boat:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Franklin and Emily too:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Weekend at Doe Bay

Tried to capture the view from the resort with the panorama feature on Emily's phone:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Weekend at Doe Bay

Enjoyed a nice 4-mile hike around Mountain Lake in Moran State Park.

Franklin and Anders were pretty happy in their carriers for the first couple of miles, but then they insisted on stretching their legs:
Weekend at Doe Bay
You know what's hard to do? Photograph two toddlers operating at full speed.

Got close a couple of times:
Weekend at Doe Bay

Weekend at Doe Bay
Great weekend. Just wish we could see Anders and his parents more often!

Finally, when we returned home we were happy to see that Franklin still likes black beans—he probably ate as many as Emily for dinner the other night.

Gave us a nice opportunity to make a photo diptych to match the one from his first taste of table food (hard to believe that was almost a year ago now!):
Black Beans... Yum!
And now we're off to Illinois and Wisconsin! Can't wait to see some Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins!

Until then, cheers!

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  1. What delightful photos!

    Love, Gma. C. XOX