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03 September 2012

Home Cooking

"Business Lunch" Bib
He's dressed for dinner and ready to claim his seat at the table!

A Seat at the Table

Franklin seemed ready, so we started him out with black beans. It was... a mixed reaction:
Black Beans

Also gave him some sweet potatoes, but the clear favorite so far is avocado:

And now that we're back at home enjoying things like messy bibs after the long road trip, what better time to contemplate other homes and other lives?

So, Sławek (our cousin in Poland) recently sent this cool photo of my great-great-grandparents' house:
Great-Great-Grandparents' House
He also provided this helpful description:
It's the home of Joseph and Maryann Bodzioch - parents of Mary Kalucki [my great-grandmother]. The house was built or bought at the beginning of the 20th century (I do not know when, but it occurred between 1902 and 1906). The house stood at the border of the town Brzesko and the village Jadowniki. It stood at the bank of the river Uszwica. [Map with estimated location here.] It was the last residence place of Mary Kalucki before her arriving in the US.
The photograph was taken ~1968.
The house was demolished in 70s of the 20th century.

Merrica visited the area during her epic European trip last year... hopefully Franklin (and his parents) can visit soon too!

Okay, one last highchair photo, this time featuring the bib from Loretta (Emily's supervisor at Providence Archives):
Archivist 100%
Finally, speaking of Providence, it's getting exciting around here, as Franklin is getting ready to start day care at The Intergenerational Learning Center at Providence Mount St. Vincent.

It's just two days a week for the first year, but I'm still nervous—and I'm especially worried that I'll get jealous of all of the fun Franklin's having there without me. But it sounds pretty cool—just check out these program descriptions! I'm sure it'll be great... and who knows, if the little guy is having too much fun, I might just have to volunteer there :)


  1. I keep saying Franklin can't possibly get any cuter, and he just keeps getting cuter!

    Can't wait to hear the "first-day" report...

    Love, Gma. C.

  2. We're still waiting for the report from the staff, but I can tell you that day two was smoother than day one for the other kids--Franklin only needed to cheer up one or two instead of the whole room ;)

    As I said on Facebook last night, He's basically rockin' the scene. "Such a happy baby": we've heard it before, but it sounds even better coming from the staff at the daycare :)