in a perfect world of yancies: I'm Posting a Post about a Poster

31 July 2013

I'm Posting a Post about a Poster

Getting excited for the Ancient Philosophy workshop I'm organizing for September! And check out the poster:
NWAPW 2013 Poster

The background image is the first page of the 1578 Stephanus edition text of Plato's Republic.

Now, as that nice, informative linked page will tell you, the Stephanus edition is cool not only because it's pretty to look at, but also because that edition provides the standard citation system for Plato. So your own copy of the Republic ought to have a little "327" on its first page, helping us all find quotes and whatnot; and that "327," as you can see, corresponds to this actual page. Love it!

I also love that in this magical time the entire thing is available to read online at the Internet Archive. What the heck, here's a look:

(Also kind of a cool bonus that that's John Adams' copy!)

Okay, I'd better get back to actually organizing the conference. Until next time, reader!